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1. The Headphone Show   662 videos   117,000 subscribers   20,528,453 total views   86.5 gravity   $532.50 estimated monthly earnings
The Headphone Show is part of The Audio Files. We review headphones, IEMs, amplifiers, DACs, speakers, and more. This channel is part of the community, which is a primary resource to find, research, and discuss the very best in personal audio gear. https
Channel started: January 2020.


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1. Audeze
  165 videos   13.4K subscribers   1M total views
  82.5 gravity

Audeze is a audio manufacturer delivering latest innovations in materials science and technology matched with precision craftsmanship. Our mission is to produce the best headphones in the world. The Audeze LCD range of headphones are used by some of the worlds leading sound experts, producers,...
Channel started: October 2014.


2. DMS
  311 videos   87.2K subscribers   9.3M total views
  84.5 gravity   $124 estimated monthly earnings

I make videos about whatever I want ¯\_(?)_/¯
Channel started: December 2015.


3. Nico Knows Tech United States
  160 videos   59.4K subscribers   5.4M total views
  76.8 gravity   $299 estimated monthly earnings

Reviews, Tips, News on: PC Security, Performance, News as well as Computers, Electronics, Gadgets, Audio, Video and more.
Channel started: June 2020.


4. HiFi Headphones United Kingdom
  216 videos   28.2K subscribers   7.6M total views
  65.3 gravity   $67 estimated monthly earnings

At we strive to be the very best place to buy headphones
Channel started: September 2011.


5. Audio Bacon United States
  149 videos   9.6K subscribers   2.3M total views
  67.2 gravity   $36 estimated monthly earnings

Channel started: February 2017.


6. EBPMAN Tech Reviews United States
  3.2K videos   174K subscribers   75.9M total views
  62 gravity   $848 estimated monthly earnings

Welcome to my channel. My goal is to help you with your purchasing decision and how to use the latest in tech and gadgets. I review phones, smart watches, headphones, earbuds, projectors, tv, speakers, smart speakers, cameras, laptops, tablets . 3d printers and create dozens of how to videos....
Channel started: February 2010.


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