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1. Quick Learning Free Audiobooks United States
  72 videos   5.8K subscribers   183.2K total views
  52.8 gravity

Welcome to Quick Learning Free Audiobooks! We are about creating the personal transformation so you can have the life you have always dreamed of. Our audiobook reviews provide you with the key points from the most transformational book available. You can expect at least 4 new audiobook reviews...
Channel started: May 2020.


2. Futureaircraft United States
  191 videos   6.9K subscribers   689.4K total views
  58.8 gravity

Welcome to Futureaircraft! You can expect at least 1 video every day to fill your daily dose of internet brain food -and you know we'll always provide you with the best quality on YouTube. Thanks for Subscribing to our YouTube channel...
Channel started: June 2016.


  1.1K videos   217K subscribers   46M total views
  75.4 gravity   $497 estimated monthly earnings

WIRED brings you the future as it happens
Channel started: April 2009.


4. History Indoors
  21 videos   1.5K subscribers   10.1K total views
  73.5 gravity

At History Indoors, we bring history… indoors! We host online talks from some of the best historical experts so you can enjoy some of the newest historical ideas from the comfort of your own home. These talks are for everyone, so they are broad in focus. We aim to reach a range of ages and...
Channel started: April 2020.


5. Worlds Biggest Canada
  310 videos   445K subscribers   264.3M total views
  2.5 gravity   $2,220 estimated monthly earnings

World's Biggest is YOUR source for daily facts and brain food :) 1 NEW VIDEO EVERY SINGLE DAY! Subscribe to today and leave a comment for future video ideas. For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact below.
Channel started: January 2014.


6. Wealth Measured Norway
  23 videos   1.1K subscribers   37.4K total views
  58.9 gravity

Wealth Measured is a channel with videos to watch with unbelievable but amazing facts about the most interesting people on earth! Whether you want to learn about the lifestyle of famous celebrities, how they spend their millions, the most expensive things in the world, money topics and even some...
Channel started: July 2022.


7. The Majestic United States
  28 videos   3.7K subscribers   495.8K total views
  54.2 gravity   $20 estimated monthly earnings

Hey everyone! Welcome to the most entertaining channel dedicated for your viewing pleasure. From unbelievable facts to shocking discoveries to learning how celebrities spend their money. We will also share the newest information for the best life hacks. We are here for you! You can expect at...
Channel started: July 2020.


8. Billionaire Wolf Gang
  90 videos   56.5K subscribers   6.7M total views
  62.5 gravity   $170 estimated monthly earnings

Billionaire Wolf Gang is the ultimate channel made to watch videos of unbelievable but amazing life and rich lifestyle about the most richest and interesting people on earth, see the rich lifestyle of millionaires and the rich lifestyle of billionaires and there luxury lifestyle...
Channel started: March 2020.


9. MostAmazingTop7
  43 videos   603K subscribers   55.6M total views
  56.8 gravity   $409 estimated monthly earnings

Hello and welcome to MostAmazingTop7. It is the channel made to watch videos of unbelievable but amazing and informative facts about the most amazing things on earth! Whether you want to learn about the extraordinary people and how they do the impossible or want to see most heart-warming moments,...
Channel started: December 2014.


10. vitafusion Gummy Vitamins United States
  36 videos   5.1K subscribers   8.9M total views
  0.6 gravity   $128 estimated monthly earnings

vitafusion™ gummy vitamins for adults. We make Nutrition Taste Good.™
Channel started: April 2017.


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We have assigned this niche a popularity score of 39% and a competition score of 94%. The niche's overall potential is 22%. New channels we have found in the Brain Food niche upload an average of 0 videos per month and gain an average of 5,031 subscribers per month. This niche is pretty competitive in 2024 but with hard work and some top quality content you could do well.

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