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1. Pijush Saha United States
  590 videos   43.1K subscribers   2.2M total views
  77.5 gravity   $36 estimated monthly earnings

Digital Marketing Consultant | Coach | Ex-Google Pijush Kumar Saha is a Digital Marketing Evangelist. He has been working for 8 years in the freelancing platforms and local market. Being a digital marketer, he is working for creating brand identity, awareness, and boosting business. As you know...
Channel started: May 2012.


2. Anton Voroniuk - Digital Marketing Experts
  85 videos   1.3K subscribers   43.9K total views
  59.6 gravity

My name is Anton Voroniuk. I am the CEO of SkillsBooster Digital Marketing Academy, a Google Academy Trainer, and a Udemy Instructor Partner. Since 2012, I have trained more than 400 thousand of students who now work at some of the biggest international companies, such as ?oca-Cola, Bayer,...
Channel started: August 2021.


3. Digital Scholar
  245 videos   15.8K subscribers   438.5K total views
  80.4 gravity

Digital Scholar offers a holistic education that encompasses all the latest concepts of the Digital World so that our graduates can effortlessly integrate themselves into the assigned industry roles. Our Founder, Sorav Jain, is a practitioner and the head of a Digital Marketing Agency, echoVME....
Channel started: July 2019.


4. PureSeedTV
  20 videos   1.1K subscribers   327.9K total views
  46.1 gravity

Eliane Carbajal..........? The internet has become the fastest and easiest way to make a HUGE worldwide impact, to earn a living ethically and still have time to follow your passions.
Channel started: May 2008.


5. powerhousetips
  144 videos   1K subscribers   93.2K total views
  53.3 gravity

Powerhouse Tips was Created With You in Mind. We want to deliver top rated Information to help you Improve your Life. We cover a wide variety of interest, including Internet Marketing, Health & Fitness, Personal Development, Business Opportunities and Affiliate Marketing. If you would like...
Channel started: August 2008.


6. Digital Trainee
  309 videos   10.8K subscribers   1.2M total views
  55.2 gravity   $49 estimated monthly earnings

Digital Trainee is India's 1st Practical Training Institute Digital Marketing | Python | Data Science | Artificial Intelligence ? Our Vision ? India's No. 1 Top Rated, Most Trusted & Recommended Training Institute. ??Digital Trainee which is a dedicated Training Institute in Pune, offers a...
Channel started: February 2017.


7. IIM Skills
  145 videos   1.2K subscribers   35.1K total views
  76.6 gravity

IIM SKILLS is one of the world’s leading Online Education Services institutions Headquarters in New Delhi India. IIM SKILLS has a presence in 23 cities in Asia. Our Mission Our mission is to provide World Class Education at affordable pricing through our live online and self-paced learning...
Channel started: April 2019.


8. Growth Hacking Free Digital Marketing Courses
  183 videos   18.1K subscribers   147.2K total views
  45 gravity

"Subscribe To Growth Hacking Free ?? Digital Marketing Courses". This is an incredible YouTube channel covering Growth Hacking Tutorials. Digital Marketing Legend Srinidhi Ranganathan is the No.1 Instructor in India with a fanbase of 6 million students worldwide. Access 600+ Free Digital...
Channel started: January 2016.


9. upGrad
  737 videos   97.3K subscribers   91.5M total views
  66 gravity   $3,016 estimated monthly earnings

Founded in 2015, upGrad is India’s largest online higher education company providing programs in Data Science, Technology, Management and Law, to students, working professionals and enterprises. Every program is designed and delivered in collaboration with top universities like the IIT Madras,...
Channel started: August 2015.


10. iNinja - Digital Marketing Courses United States
  32 videos   23.1K subscribers   7.9K total views
  77.2 gravity

Welcome to iMarkeking Ninja! Here you will find lots of valuable information which relates to digital marketing, blogging, video and email marketing, paid and organic traffic generation... these are just few topics that we will be covering on this channel. Get on-board by subscribing and let's...
Channel started: March 2018.


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