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1. Noob Builder - Minecraft   299 videos   830,000 subscribers   111,931,524 total views   60.3 gravity   $3213.02 estimated monthly earnings
Welcome to Noob Villager
Channel started: May 2020.


2. Craftee   56 videos   2,280,000 subscribers   392,976,123 total views   79.9 gravity   $16225.05 estimated monthly earnings
Minecraft but with a twist! Craftee has the CRAZIEST Minecraft challenges out there! Subscribe today!
Channel started: June 2021.


3. Gorillo   74 videos   616,000 subscribers   71,687,349 total views   85.3 gravity   $2528.88 estimated monthly earnings
Your home for peaceful, relaxing Minecraft content.
Channel started: January 2021.


4. Zaypixel   60 videos   2,000,000 subscribers   153,660,850 total views   84.3 gravity   $4585.37 estimated monthly earnings
Here you'll find cozy buildings and relaxing videos of minecraft.
Channel started: June 2020.


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1. A1exTwo
  15 videos   1.8K subscribers   37.7K total views
  71 gravity

Channel started: March 2020.


2. Pachimarik - Minecraft :3
  84 videos   6.4K subscribers   948K total views
  74.1 gravity   $30 estimated monthly earnings

Welcome to the my Minecraft Tutorial channel. On this channel we will focus on building various structures with materials & resources from their different minecraft biomes. We will build as easy minecraft house and so hard house. I have a lot of minecraft house ideas, so subscribe to my channel...
Channel started: May 2020.


3. Balzy
  36 videos   89.2K subscribers   9.5M total views
  64.2 gravity   $303 estimated monthly earnings

I make relaxing Minecraft survival house tutorials...
Channel started: April 2020.


4. Base Tutorials
  156 videos   4.4K subscribers   707.9K total views
  76.7 gravity   $21 estimated monthly earnings

Minecraft survival house tutorials. Here you'll find simple, cozy and cute original building videos of Minecraft. Hope you enjoy them! :)
Channel started: February 2020.


5. AdieCraft
  245 videos   29.3K subscribers   3.5M total views
  80.2 gravity   $103 estimated monthly earnings

Minecraft Builds, SMP Lets Plays and Tutorials, make your world epic and learn how to improve your building with simple and easy to follow hints and tips.
Channel started: November 2019.


6. disruptive builds
  153 videos   77.1K subscribers   6.3M total views
  87 gravity   $105 estimated monthly earnings

I create Minecraft Tutorials, How to Build videos & Survival Multiplayer (SMP) videos! From useful builds like automatic farms to houses & survival bases, I try to cover all things you might create in your own survival world, but with an emphasis on making them aesthetically pleasing!
Channel started: July 2016.


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We have assigned this niche a popularity score of 21% and a competition score of 24%. The niche's overall potential is 34%. New channels we have found in the Easy Minecraft House niche upload an average of 0 videos per month and gain an average of 0 subscribers per month. This is a fairly competitive niche but if research your market and have some fresh ideas you could do okay.

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