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1. Ellen Ruth Soap United States
  504 videos   100K subscribers   6.5M total views
  91.5 gravity   $76 estimated monthly earnings

Hi, I'm Ellen and I love to make Soap and other DIY Bath & Body products. Come Along as I create new formulations and experiment with fun ingredients. Thanks for joining me on this soapy journey!
Channel started: August 2018.


2. Babilon
  329 videos   221K subscribers   32.5M total views
  83.2 gravity   $551 estimated monthly earnings

Babilon Kay's Channel is dedicated to the growth and beauty of women across the globe! Here you'll find topics such as DIY Healthy Hair Videos, Hair Styles, Hair Product Reviews, Makeup Tutorials, Hauls, etc. Subscribe today to stay up to date. I love beauty and fashion and I hope that I can...
Channel started: May 2011.


3. Glammkey
  143 videos   1.1K subscribers   15.5K total views
  53.6 gravity

Channel started: October 2020.


4. Oakleaf and Ocotillo
  31 videos   3.7K subscribers   151K total views
  57.8 gravity

Soap is something we all need. Glycerin soap. Cold process soap. Liquid soap. Many people have multiple soaps in their hall closet just waiting to be used. Have you considered homemade soap, by you? What if you could become a handmade soap expert? This channel is dedicated to all kinds of soap...
Channel started: January 2010.


5. Soapy Twist
  148 videos   14.6K subscribers   1.1M total views
  70.3 gravity

Posting soap making and other DIY bath & body products making recipes! India’s first one stop shop for all soo and cosmetic making supplies! Visit us at
Channel started: September 2011.


6. Jo's Tamil Health and Beauty
  996 videos   2.4M subscribers   329.2M total views
  80.2 gravity   $10,171 estimated monthly earnings

Hey Friends!!! I live in a village in India. I started this channel to record all the beauty and home remedies practiced in our village for thousands of years. In this channel I upload natural beauty tips, Hair care tips, Skin care tips, Weight loss tips, Teeth care tips, Foot care tips,...
Channel started: April 2017.


7. Meet The Pryors
  29 videos   2.7K subscribers   133.7K total views
  66.4 gravity

This channel basically just documents our journey on this wild and crazy ride of life. We do TONS of makeover and thrift flip videos as well as just random vlogs about vacations, relationships, and being GRANDPARENTS now lol This channel is mainly all about DIY remodels/projects on our mobile...
Channel started: March 2014.


8. Merrywood Farm Soaps United States
  180 videos   5K subscribers   334.9K total views
  69.5 gravity

Welcome to my soap making channel!
Channel started: July 2016.


9. Bramble Berry
  267 videos   503K subscribers   39.1M total views
  81.4 gravity   $215 estimated monthly earnings

Want to learn how to make handmade soap, bath bombs, lotions, lip balm, candles, and more? You’re in the right place! Watch Anne-Marie and her team make a variety of bath and beauty projects for all skill levels. Anne-Marie is the founder and CEO of Bramble Berry Handcraft Provisions. Bramble...
Channel started: March 2009.


10. Thermal Mermaid
  114 videos   66.7K subscribers   2M total views
  80.6 gravity   $20 estimated monthly earnings

****** Thermal Mermaid Market Place ********* Explore the Thermal Mermaid Market Place. Independent Sellers in our Crafter's Community. Browse the Seller's Stores https
Channel started: April 2016.


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We have assigned this niche a popularity score of just 5% and a competition score of 44%. The niche's overall potential is 35%. New channels we have found in the Homemade Soap niche upload an average of 0 videos per month and gain an average of 0 subscribers per month. This is a fairly competitive niche but if research your market and have some fresh ideas you could do okay.

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