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1. CarHax   28 videos   213,000 subscribers   81,619,100 total views   63.9 gravity   $2547.29 estimated monthly earnings
Channel started: September 2019.


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1. Matala Water Technology Co., Ltd   22 videos   73 subscribers   13,063 total views
Matala Water Technology Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer, innovator of Matala® filtration media. The open, highly aerobic 3 dimensional structure, progressive filtration surface areas and random pore sized web fiber structure promotes high efficient biological and mechanical filtration and ease of...
Channel started: February 2013.


2. TyroAquaria   13 videos   237 subscribers   66,189 total views   20.4 gravity
My name is Justin Cole and I'm a student-athlete studying computer science at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I am pretty new to the reefkeeping hobby, but my plan is to take you guys along on for the ride as I learn and become a more experienced reefkeeper.
Channel started: July 2017.


3. AquaUltraviolet   50 videos   257 subscribers   446,887 total views   27.3 gravity
Life depends on water, and now more than ever, the business does too. For over three decades Aqua Ultraviolet has been the premier manufacturer of ultraviolet sterilizers and bio-mechanical filtration. Our factories are located in Temecula California where all of our products are created, tested...
Channel started: January 2008.


4. Paul's Low Maintenance Aquariums   5 videos   14 subscribers   761 total views
Channel started: March 2020.


5. AST Filters   58 videos   5,850 subscribers   519,878 total views   50 gravity
Welcome! This channel is dedicated to making informative videos about AST filters and how they work. AST filters were initially developed as a replacement for clog prone sand filters used for aquatic filtration. These filters function as bioclarifiers, performing both biological and mechanical...
Channel started: July 2017.


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We have assigned this niche a popularity score of just 1% and a competition score of 24%. The niche's overall potential is 39%. New channels we have found in the Mechanical Filtration niche upload an average of 0 videos per month and gain an average of 0 subscribers per month. This is a fairly competitive niche but if research your market and have some fresh ideas you could do okay.

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