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1. Mini Katana   320 videos   739,000 subscribers   376,388,944 total views   69.5 gravity   $17519.57 estimated monthly earnings
Check our cool Katanas and Swords from the shows you love:
Channel started: May 2021.


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1. Mini Katana
  320 videos   739K subscribers   376.3M total views
  69.5 gravity   $17,520 estimated monthly earnings

Check our cool Katanas and Swords from the shows you love:
Channel started: May 2021.


2. Sneaky Sushii
  104 videos   157K subscribers   18.3M total views
  81.1 gravity   $239 estimated monthly earnings

videos that make you breathe forcefully out of your nose.
Channel started: July 2019.


3. Catfight Paradise United States
  472 videos   38.9K subscribers   37.4M total views
  81.3 gravity   $593 estimated monthly earnings

Catfight - is an umbrella term that quite simply means of an altercation between two or more females. Whether it be old school cat balling, to martial arts / kung fu-style or just bare-knuckled fisticuffs; all types fit under the umbrella term, "Catfight". Other names that are used often are
Channel started: August 2019.


4. Guns Up Review United States
  93 videos   6.5K subscribers   954.7K total views
  65.5 gravity   $15 estimated monthly earnings

This Channel contains news, views, and reviews for all things related to the shooting sports.
Channel started: July 2017.


5. Intense History
  31 videos   10.8K subscribers   4M total views
  8.5 gravity   $31 estimated monthly earnings

Intense History! And Remember, V for Victory Always!!!
Channel started: August 2014.


6. Castle Rock AIKIDO United States
  69 videos   4.7K subscribers   791.3K total views
  41.3 gravity

Traditional Japanese Aikido, Iaido (Japanese sword-drawing), and Jodo martial arts school in Castle Rock, Colorado. Learn authentic Japanese martial arts from qualified teachers just 20 minutes south of Denver. New adult students welcome. No experience necessary. Friends, fitness, and fun. Come...
Channel started: May 2011.


  267 videos   25.8K subscribers   1.6M total views
  86.7 gravity   $24 estimated monthly earnings

Hi, I am an actor, Japanese sword fight choreographer and coach from Japan, now living in LA. On this channel I teach samurai sword martial arts that anyone can learn. For me martial arts is an ART. I have developed my own method which I call the Kaz Method. The CORE of the KAZ METHOD is 3...
Channel started: January 2018.


  144 videos   9K subscribers   1.7M total views
  40.5 gravity   $9 estimated monthly earnings

Tozando is the premier BUDO shop for Kendo, Iaido, Aikido, Naginata, Judo, Karate, Yoroi and more.
Channel started: October 2008.


9. kinsei1560
  57 videos   40.6K subscribers   50.3M total views
  35.7 gravity   $354 estimated monthly earnings

Channel started: August 2007.


10. Samurai & Ninja Museum Kyoto Fans
  92 videos   73.3K subscribers   35.2M total views
  90.3 gravity   $916 estimated monthly earnings

We are a group of foreigners and Japanese who live in Kyoto Japan. This channel is about the culture, travel and life in Japan. We shoot some of the videos at the Samurai & Ninja Museum Kyoto (https
Channel started: March 2021.


11. The Japanese Sword
  64 videos   14.3K subscribers   1.9M total views
  75.4 gravity

My name is Paul Martin and I am a Japanese sword specialist living in Tokyo, Japan. I want to share the beauty, spirituality, and history of Japanese swords and samurai (including all the various aspects of Japanese culture where they touch), sword and steel making, Noh, Kyogen, Kagura, Martial...
Channel started: January 2007.


12. Samurai Sword Seek Japan
  21 videos   7.2K subscribers   453K total views
  61.7 gravity   $19 estimated monthly earnings

This channel provides videos specializing in Japanese swords! There are two operators of this channel. One is Japan's last samurai Warakiribattosai. The other is Hoy Key, who provides a video of Katanakaji. Learn about Japanese swords on our channel! WarakiriBattosai?https
Channel started: December 2021.


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