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1. Fail Funny Moments   4 videos   1,170 subscribers   1,787,075 total views   37 gravity   $60.88 estimated monthly earnings
Welcome to my channel where I Originally Create, Edit and Voice Over videos about Ski Fails. I hope you like it :)
Channel started: January 2021.


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1. Fails Champy   219 videos   362 subscribers   217,489 total views   31.8 gravity
fails compilation, funny videos, fails on ice, fail compilation 2017, winter fails, snow fails, frozen fails, frozen fail compilation, cold fails, fails compilation 2017, slip on ice, fall in ice, uitimate fails compilations, best fails of the month, fails of the week, ice fails compilation,...
Channel started: May 2017.


2. Ripped Media   34 videos   290 subscribers   29,428 total views   44.7 gravity
A documentation of degenerate idiots doing dangerous activities.
Channel started: April 2020.


3. 8Fails   56 videos   2,430 subscribers   1,298,292 total views   53.3 gravity   $12.38 estimated monthly earnings
Fails, Fails, Fails. New Fail Compilations every week! 8Fails or Infinite Fails is a channel based on viewer's funny videos. We collect & release various types of compilations and montages every WEEK You will be able to view
Channel started: November 2015.


4. Adudh Mistakes   7 videos   8 subscribers   81 total views
I want to provide you every type of fun. (For example) #skateboard fail#ice fail#winter fail#gymnastic fails #bmx fails#bicycle fails#ice skating fails#snowboarding fails #tour of paris#tour of canada#tour of iceland
Channel started: October 2020.


5. Backyard Snowboarder   63 videos   401 subscribers   198,746 total views   7 gravity
#AvantLink Snowboard reviews and snowboarding lessons from a Midwest Snowboarder. Currently riding a Arbor Draft 151CM and a Signal Park 156Cm. Flex Test, Product reviews, Snowboard tips and how to buy snowboard stuff. When your looking at starting snowboarding there is so much to know and...
Channel started: February 2018.


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We have assigned this niche a popularity score of just 0% and a competition score of 18%. The niche's overall potential is 42%. New channels we have found in the Snowboarding Fails niche upload an average of 0 videos per month and gain an average of 8 subscribers per month. This is a fairly competitive niche but if research your market and have some fresh ideas you could do okay.

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