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1. Fidget King   43 videos   5,350 subscribers   2,908,985 total views   46.6 gravity   $211.46 estimated monthly earnings
Hello Everyone and Welcome to the FIDGET KING channel full of Fidget Toys trading, diy, pop it, fidget spinners! ??
Channel started: January 2021.


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1. iTest
  137 videos   725K subscribers   1.2B total views
  40.9 gravity   $37,187 estimated monthly earnings

Channel started: July 2020.


2. Sierra Zagarri United States
  1.8K videos   922K subscribers   917.7M total views
  83.2 gravity   $13,370 estimated monthly earnings

Hey guys! My name is Sierra Zagarri and I make videos about owning my indoor playroom, Grandma's Playroom, and FIDGETS! I am also a mother to two boys, AJ and Charlie, who sometimes make appearances in my videos! So glad you are here and can't wait to share my love of Fidgets and my playroom with...
Channel started: July 2015.


3. Knotting Hook Crochet United States
  448 videos   19.9K subscribers   1.6M total views
  68.6 gravity

I love crocheting. I'm here to share what I know and to learn things I don't know. I'm kind of a yarn snob, and only like what feels nice to the touch. Textured yarns are not my favorite but I will use them sometimes. I love to come up with new project ideas and share the process. Let's relax,...
Channel started: December 2008.


4. BeBe ASMR
  87 videos   3.4K subscribers   230.7K total views
  66.6 gravity

Welcome to "BeBe ASMR" YouTube channel! Slime, Clay, Kinetic Sand, toys, Squishy balls Mesh Slime ASMR. Thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe & like
Channel started: November 2021.


5. Fidget Toys World
  194 videos   56.4K subscribers   6.9M total views
  62.9 gravity   $200 estimated monthly earnings

Welcome to Fidget Toys World Channel ^^! Fidget Toys World offers the best entertaining content on the internet! Subscribe for the most entertaining content! Hope you enjoy our videos and have relaxed times!?? If you like it, don't forget to give video a thumb up, like, comment and...
Channel started: September 2021.


  221 videos   16K subscribers   99K total views
  79.8 gravity

"Hi, I'm SN ASMR, and my channel is here to help you relax and de-stress. I know how hard it can be to find time for yourself in our busy world, so I created this channel to help you unwind and enjoy the moment. On my channel, you'll find videos of kinetic sand, stress balls, slimes, and much...
Channel started: January 2022.


7. ToysTV 4 All
  754 videos   6.8K subscribers   2.2M total views
  55.5 gravity   $100 estimated monthly earnings

Just playing around with a HUGE variety of toys, Opening Gift bags, Unboxing, doing Mystery Surprises, Arts/Crafts and more! I don't stop at Unboxing... I actually Play with Toys and create my own unique Playtime Stories. Hope you like them ?? Find your favorite (fidget) toys right here
Channel started: December 2022.


8. Hello Slime
  98 videos   424K subscribers   108.9M total views
  37.9 gravity   $1,803 estimated monthly earnings

Hello friend in this channel lets making slime with funny balloons. Its a new ASMR slime videos that will Satisfying you. Enjoy this new DIY, the next days i will start make more videos with more balloons, pipping bags and stress balls ( we love cutting this things)
Channel started: April 2018.


9. Squishy
  86 videos   207K subscribers   23.8M total views
  63 gravity   $229 estimated monthly earnings

Welcome to my channel everyone! The name is Squishy and if your looking for a channel where you can watch slime videos and everything squishy you have come to the right place! I make everything from stress balls to floam! This is a kid friendly channel and all ages are welcomed! I try to upload 2...
Channel started: June 2016.


10. Life of Casey
  21 videos   5K subscribers   1.1M total views
  52.3 gravity   $25 estimated monthly earnings

Hi welcome to Casey Hunt's Official Channel where she'll be sharing everything from Homemade fidget toys to life as a Tennis Player plus much much more. Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy. Fidget toys like fidget stick, marble fidgets, infinity cube, spiral spinners, fidget stretch,...
Channel started: November 2020.


11. One Little Project Canada
  736 videos   53.2K subscribers   15.8M total views
  67.4 gravity   $165 estimated monthly earnings

Love to cook, bake, craft, create? Join us as we make things one little project at a time! We’ve got kids crafts/activities, DIY/craft projects, fun recipes, holiday projects and more! Visit our website at
Channel started: June 2018.


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