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This page lists YouTube channels related to the winter weather niche. Some of these channels focus exclusively on the winter weather niche while others may only devote a few videos to it.

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1. Meteorologist Andy Hill   38 videos   179,000 subscribers   6,792,220 total views   81.4 gravity   $150.67 estimated monthly earnings
Howdy! I'm a degreed meteorologist and climatologist (a big weather nerd) working with Ryan Hall to give y'all engaging, efficient and informative weather forecasts and livestreams. My content and expertise focuses on North America, but I strive to show the larger picture and at times cover...
Channel started: May 2021.


Here is a list of more channels in the winter weather niche. The most relevant channels are listed first.


1. mike rayner videos United Kingdom
  64 videos   308K subscribers   89.4M total views
  49.5 gravity   $1,065 estimated monthly earnings

Got Talent.. No Worries! my friends The Best Thing About My Channel Is That None Of My Videos Have Any Dislikes. Yes .. That's Right.. Every Video Has No Dislikes .. No Way! I Here You Say .. But It's True... I Only Have Likes
Channel started: January 2013.


2. Meteorologist Andy Hill United States
  38 videos   179K subscribers   6.7M total views
  81.4 gravity   $151 estimated monthly earnings

Howdy! I'm a degreed meteorologist and climatologist (a big weather nerd) working with Ryan Hall to give y'all engaging, efficient and informative weather forecasts and livestreams. My content and expertise focuses on North America, but I strive to show the larger picture and at times cover...
Channel started: May 2021.


3. Stonnie Dennis United States
  650 videos   244K subscribers   35.8M total views
  79.3 gravity   $249 estimated monthly earnings

This channel is devoted to providing a window into the life of professional dog trainer, Stonnie Dennis. I talk about dog training, boarding, health, equipment, and all the things that go into owning and running a successful dog training and boarding kennel. At our kennel we place special...
Channel started: April 2011.


4. Vania Mania Kids
  940 videos   21.3M subscribers
  35.3 gravity

Hi and welcome! We are big family. Mom, Dad and the kids Ivan, Maria, Stephi, Dasha and Alex! Yep, there are 5!!! Let your children join the fun! Please support us by subscribing and liking :)
Channel started: September 2015.


5. Dan Robinson United States
  483 videos   197K subscribers   165.3M total views
  65.6 gravity   $1,643 estimated monthly earnings

Hello, my name is Dan Robinson, extreme weather photographer and cameraman. I travel across the USA to capture compelling footage of severe weather year-round, specializing in winter weather, lightning and severe storms/tornadoes. http
Channel started: September 2011.


6. Michigan Storm Chasers United States
  168 videos   2.9K subscribers   98.3K total views
  83.7 gravity

Michigan Storm Chasers are a group of dedicated individuals who have a passion for extreme weather and public safety. Subscribe to our Patreon for latest updates, forecasts, podcasts & alerts regarding severe weather, winter weather and aurora. https
Channel started: December 2022.


7. Storm Chaser Chad United States
  70 videos   34.6K subscribers   889.5K total views
  80.3 gravity   $13 estimated monthly earnings

Hello My Storm Chasing Family it's StormChaserChad here! This channel is for everyone who loves not only TORNADOS but enjoys Mother Nature as well! To say the least my life and career as a Storm Chaser has been a Wild One! So if you enjoy Tornados, Hurricanes and all things Mother Nature please...
Channel started: March 2017.


8. Nashville Severe Weather @NashSevereWx United States
  128 videos   23.6K subscribers   1.1M total views
  61.6 gravity   $8 estimated monthly earnings

Flash Flood, Severe Thunderstorm, or Tornado Warning coverage for Nashville and/or Williamson County found here. It's what we did on Periscope, except here on YouTube. During winter weather, we'll pop on here with forecast info as needed. Also we'll go live any other time we know, feel like it.
Channel started: November 2015.


9. Arkansas Weather Watchers United States
  554 videos   18.9K subscribers   818.4K total views
  70 gravity   $8 estimated monthly earnings

Your #1 source for ALL things Arkansas Weather & Heartland Storm Chasing! Follow our experienced team of forecasters & storm chasers as we document & experience the most extreme weather across the United States along with local Arkansas forecasts & severe/tropical/winter weather coverage! Be...
Channel started: August 2018.


10. POW Ponder on Weather United States
  1.3K videos   205K subscribers   49.7M total views
  61.9 gravity   $632 estimated monthly earnings

My name is Roy Ponder aka POW Ponder On Weather. I've been obsessed with the weather since I was 8 years old. Family man and loves the outdoors. My motto is protecting you before and after the storm. Please consider subscribing. Business:
Channel started: June 2019.


11. SnowBirdBob Weather United States
  175 videos   3.8K subscribers   277.6K total views
  58 gravity

Hello Everyone, if you’re a fan of Extreme weather, Severe Weather, Winter storms, hurricanes, SNOW or just weather in general. You have come to the right place. Thank you for Subscribing and Hope you Enjoy!
Channel started: September 2017.


12. NWSHouston
  198 videos   2.3K subscribers   270.8K total views
  55.8 gravity

NWS WFO Houston/Galveston multimedia weather briefing. These weather briefings are designed to inform users of any weather hazards and impacts that will affect Southeast Texas including the Gulf coast, Galveston, Houston, and College Station. This will include briefings on severe weather,...
Channel started: April 2013.


13. David Schlotthauer United States
  472 videos   18.8K subscribers   3.4M total views
  69.5 gravity   $128 estimated monthly earnings

About David Schlotthauer
Channel started: September 2022.


14. NWSChicago
  119 videos   2.3K subscribers   950K total views
  42.4 gravity

National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office Chicago, IL
Channel started: January 2013.


15. Johns Hopkins Rheumatology United States
  240 videos   79.8K subscribers   13.6M total views
  59.4 gravity   $176 estimated monthly earnings

The Division of Rheumatology is a thriving clinical and academic center, which concentrates clinically on providing the most outstanding care to patients affected by a variety of common and uncommon rheumatic disorders. We have 7 disease-specific Centers (Arthritis, Lupus, Lyme Disease, Myositis,...
Channel started: November 2014.


16. Virginia Department of Transportation United States
  943 videos   6.5K subscribers   3.6M total views
  72.9 gravity   $25 estimated monthly earnings

Welcome to the official YouTube channel of the Virginia Department of Transportation. VDOT's mission is to plan, deliver, operate and maintain a transportation system that is safe, enables easy movement of people and goods, enhances the economy and improves our quality of life. We hope you enjoy...
Channel started: October 2007.


17. Paramount Weather United States
  117 videos   3.5K subscribers   1.3M total views
  59 gravity   $30 estimated monthly earnings

Professional #stormchaser and #Drone Pilot. I go out and capture all types of insane #severeweather events including -#Hurricanes, #Tornadoes, #Flooding, #Wildfires, #WinterWeather, and all other extreme #weather events. Subscribe to “Paramount Weather” YoutubeChannel
Channel started: September 2020.


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About the Winter Weather Niche

A winter storm is an event in which wind coincides with varieties of precipitation that only occur at freezing temperatures, such as snow, mixed snow and rain, or freezing rain. In temperate continental climates, these storms are not necessarily restricted to the winter season, but may occur in the late autumn and early spring as well. A snowstorm with strong winds and other conditions meeting certain criteria is called a blizzard. Source: WikiPedia

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