Welcome to our DeviAnagha Channel , This channel Dedicated to Best Relaxing and Meditation musics,Devotional Songs, Mantras,slokas , bhajans, Hindu mythology Relax and Meditation Musics :The purpose of relax and meditation musics can help you Relax your mind , body and soul,help for Reduce stress and well study , sleep, positive energy Mantras and bhajans : Mantras and Bhajans can Help to effects on your body, thoughts, and emotions. Hindu Mythology : we can find teaches of gurus and Indian Culture our composers and singers jitheshadwani,Nandini Vinay, Etc. produce relaxing musics and songs with piano and Indian Bansuri( Flute) and indian instruments to help you relax your mind body and soul We combine this musics with lord krishana Beautiful images and beautiful nature videos, We use nature clips and images ,cosmic animations from , I used Powerdirector for making videos and adobe photoshop for editing images all videos in my channel making by me.

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Channel was established: 09 October 2015.

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