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I'm a 31 old real estate investor, entrepreneur, and business owner. I own 40+ rentals and have done multiple seven figure deals. I have 8+ years experience in Residential Real Estate, Short Term Rentals, Assisted Living Facilities, Flipping, Wholesaling, Rentals, Sales, etc. We created this channel to show you that financial freedom isn't that far from reach. Our goal is to share: - Investing strategies that you can implement - Our experiences, both failures and successes - Operating and owning businesses - Up to date thoughts on the economy and where we're headed - Personal finance tips and tricks Thanks for stopping by! If you are enjoying our content feel free to follow us on our socials with the links below. We're active there daily.

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Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/c/@legacyinvestingshow/
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Channel was established: 05 January 2021.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $4568.35

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