Maggie and Shanti

Hello friends! Welcome to Maggie and Shanti! On our channel you will find videos that help children understand the importance of family, friendship. Our videos develop good habits, intelligence and knowledge about the world. It is important for us to make videos not only fun, but also useful for children. We have millions of fans all over the world who enjoy our fun kids videos about: being a good brother and sister, DIY science experiments, eating healthy, washing your hands, numbers, ABCs, animals and much more!

Subscribers: 4.6M   Videos: 381   Total views: 1.5B   Gravity: 52.3*  

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Channel ID: UCtLigqC6teXDeSi2vWJUVVg

Channel was established: 01 April 2019.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $26663.62

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