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Forget your daily stress and night sleep problems, Sleep Music Relax Zone is here to help you! Born to be part of the amazing Meditation Relax Club community, this is the most soothing and restful channel on YouTube with great collections of long sleeping music videos to play before going to bed at night and it provides you a calming and regenerating sleep, without sleep disorders like insomnia or nightmares. Sleep Music Relax Zone offers you a wide range of meditation music videos for practicing yoga nidra of sleep and relaxation techniques against anxiety and depression to go to bed in peace with yourself and wake up with positive light background music for the new day to come. This never-ending stream of background instrumental music provides you with a specific session of sleep music videos with baby sleep music lullabies for little children and calming pregnancy songs for future mothers.

Subscribers: 261,000   Videos: 1,860   Total views: 88,585,892   Gravity: 83.8*  

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Channel ID: UCBI_bZCUtoxEcuVG7IuQGvA

Channel was established: 11 March 2013.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $460.94

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