TheFatRat is the EDM moniker of Göttingen, Germany's Christian Büttner, whose music ranges from euphoric progressive house to orchestral trap, melodic glitch-hop and K-Pop with a heavy influence of video game music. He is enormously popular on YouTube, particularly with the gaming community, currently boasting one of the largest followings and most engaging fan-bases on the web for an artist in his genre. TheFatRat’s forward-thinking approach to lift copyright restrictions on his music has led him having been featured in 25 million videos - collectively accounting for 30 billion unique views on the platform. Over the years he has become one of the most top-charting acts in dance music, having had multiple singles remain in the iTunes top100 for over 3 years straight. He has had his music synched-to-screen for popular video games like the top-grossing DOTA 2 and Rocket League and has planted himself as the go-to artist for ESports brands like ESL and Dreamhack.

Subscribers: 5.4M   Videos: 82   Total views: 1.2B   Gravity: 64.8*  

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Channel ID: UCa_UMppcMsHIzb5LDx1u9zQ

Channel was established: 23 July 2011.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $6001.96

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