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The best relaxation music is YouRRelaX - Relaxing Music ● This channel has been created for you, for those looking for relaxation music for the soul, and sleep. Our channel will provide you with a wide range of the most diverse music - created to help you deal with life, household and health problems. ● We try to work with our listeners and provide exactly the material which, in their opinion, will fit the good requirements, quality and concept. We are a team of professionals designed to help the beautiful music, become more accessible and more useful to our listeners. ● In addition, we are always open to new ideas and creative genres and always try to integrate them into our work, to make an interesting and unique material. ● We open for cooperation and interesting proposals for any questions please contact us on e-mail.

Subscribers: 90,400   Videos: 424   Total views: 20,863,807   Gravity: 85*  

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Channel ID: UCwjSAE5HiNh-yhvQNNswzrw

Channel was established: 10 August 2015.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $136.36

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